The Story of Casa Andolini


I imagine most web sites have a story.  For this web site to make sense, you likely need our story a bit more than usual.  For just the facts, though, there are writings here for sale.  Each is described as to its purpose for easy browsing.  A standard shopping cart enables you to purchase whatever strikes your fancy.  Now to the story…

Casa Andolini is all about the dream of America, as seen through the eyes and felt in the hearts of Southern Italian immigrants through the generations.  In our land, despair feels like the burden of the centuries.  We learn, well, how to live in the moment, for we have so little grasp on the future.  When come to America – and this is why we do – we’re able to lift up our eyes to the heavens and shaking our fists with joy proclaim, I will have my share of the future, too!  Somehow, the gravity here in America seems to pull us down with so much less force.


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